Reduce Your Utility Costs With These Heating Alternatives


Whether your heater stopped working and you're waiting on an HVAC repair professional to show up or you and your family just need a way to warm up a bit, here are a few ideas that will save on gas or electricity and keep you toasty warm in the process: Get Busy in the Kitchen. Wintery weather conditions make the perfect time to head to the kitchen and bake something. You can do this on your own, with the kids or as an entire family.

1 December 2015

Three Of The Most Energy Efficient Solutions To Heat Your Home On The Cheap


With the winter months here, you can be sure that your heating costs are going to be on the rise. Considering more efficient heating solutions can help you save this winter and keep your home warm. If it is almost time to replace your heating system, you may want to consider solutions, such as biomass, solar and geothermal energy. Here are some of the most energy efficient solutions to upgrade your heating and save this year:

16 November 2015

3 Tips To Prepare For Hurricane Season


Hurricanes can be scary and very destructive, so if you have recently moved to an area along the coast that experiences hurricanes it is essential to be prepared. Getting ready for a hurricane far in advance of a storm increases the likelihood of both your family and home being as safe as possible during the storm, as well as in its aftermath. Use the following tips to ensure that you are ready for a hurricane to hit your area:

25 August 2015

Tips For Improving The Efficiency Of Your AC Unit


The more your AC system has to run, the higher your AC costs get. Buying a highly efficient AC unit will help to keep your AC costs low, but over time dirty coils and leaky ducts can cripple your system. When it comes to basic maintenance, you should be able to tackle problems on your own. Not only will your efforts help you to save money on your monthly cooling costs, but they will also prevent your system from wearing out prematurely.

20 July 2015

What To Do When Your AC Unit Blows Hot Air


You can hear your AC unit humming along, but the temperature inside your home is soaring. You check the vents, and your unit seems to be pushing warm air into your home; what is going on? There are two main culprits that cause an AC unit to act like a furnace. One of those problems you should be able to take care of on your own, and the other will require the help of an HVAC professional, like John Legg's Heating & Air Conditioning.

9 July 2015

A Few Things To Do Before Calling The Air Conditioning Contractors


If you notice your cooling bill is getting higher even though the temperature is not, or if the system is not running at all, it is probably time to call in the air conditioning contractors. However, before placing the call, here are a few things to do that will save you time and money. If these tips do not resolve the problem, you will have a bit of information to give the technician so he or she has a better idea of what is going on.

25 June 2015

Three Tips For Making Good Shade For An Outdoor Air Conditioning Unit


Your outdoor air conditioning unit won't accomplish much if it's too hot to significantly cool the air around it. In particularly harsh circumstances, when summer sunlight beams right down on the unit without any intervening clouds to temper it, your whole HVAC system may be rendered completely ineffective. Luckily, if you follow these three tips, it's possible to effectively shade your outdoor air conditioning unit. Don't Try To Use A Big Tree With Lots Of Leaves

23 June 2015

3 Signs That Your AC Unit Needs Repairing


Having a good working air conditioner is vital in the summer. Many homeowners rely solely on their AC unit to keep the house cool. Which is why it is important that you have a good company that can get to you whenever you need them to repair your unit if necessary. Here are a couple signs that your AC unit needs repair. 1. The House Is Cooling Unevenly As a general rule, the air conditioning system should be able to cool the entire house pretty evenly.

22 June 2015

3 Tips For Keeping The House Cool During The Summer


Now that the summer is here, many people are wondering what they can do to save money on their AC bill every month. There are many homeowners who don't understand that they can do simple things each day that will help to keep their energy bill low. Here are a couple tips. 1. Replace Your Air Filter Inside your air conditioning system, there is a filter. This filter helps to prevent dirt, debris, and so much more from getting into your system.

19 June 2015

Battling Asthma And Allergies? Clean Your Ducts


Itchy, puffy eyes. Continuous runny nose. Constricted breathing. If you have asthma and/or allergies, then trying to find refuge from the misery of your symptoms can be a real challenge. You should be able to just duck inside away from possible irritants and find easier breathing, but you might have an unseen source of contaminants lurking right inside your own home. In order to make your home the refuge it should be, you need to to make sure that you properly clean your ducts.

17 June 2015