Prevent Your Air Conditioning System From Freezing Up This Summer: 3 Tips


A frozen air conditioner may sound like a good thing - it's cold, right? - but it isn't a good thing at all. The temperature inside your house is going to go up rather than down, and it could get hot quickly in your home if it's hot outside. The air conditioning unit itself doesn't freeze, but the evaporator coil inside your house will. The freezing of the coil will block air flow into your home, which is why the temperature inside your home is going to go up (rather than down).

24 June 2018

The 5 Warning Signs Your Electric HVAC System Needs Replacement


If your home's HVAC system is getting older and you aren't sure when it will require replacement, these five warning signs will help you. Sign #1: Your Electric Bill Keeps Increasing Every Season Each year as your HVAC system gets older, it will lose a bit of its running efficiency. Since you can't tell how well it is working from simply feeling the hot or cold air it is emitting, you should use your power bills to determine if the system is losing efficiency.

20 May 2018

Clogs That Drain Cleaners Won't Work With


Many people stock chemical drain cleaners that they hope can help them when their drains become clogged. Chemical drain cleaners, though not the best way to clean drains, works in some cases. However, there are also cases where using these cleaners are a waste of time. Here are some of the cases where the chemical cleaners won't work. Clogging In the Main Line Clogging that occurs on the main sewer line is dangerous because it affects all plumbing fixtures that drain waste water in your house.

5 April 2018

Your Guide To Heating Repair Services


It's important that you learn the tips that'll keep your residential heater operating properly. An HVAC contractor can give you the opportunity to enjoy warmth throughout your household no matter the season. There are a few steps that you will want to take if you are interested in getting the best from your home heating, so read below to learn some strategies.  Look into the signs that your heater is dealing with problems 

27 January 2018

Boilers Are Just Boilers--Or Are They? Types Of Boilers And The Confusion Around Them


Boilers are one of those things that so many people get confused about. They know that the boilers produce steam heat to heat a building or home, but they often assume that no other energy source is required to make a boiler go. They are often confused by the many types of boilers and the many BTUs the boilers each produces. If you have a boiler in your "new" home," you, too, might be a tad confused.

10 January 2018

DIY HVAC Repair: Some Jobs Should Be Left To The Pros


Air conditioning systems can be fragile. Certain components, when not properly maintained, are going to become less efficient, and possibly lead to serious malfunctioning of your heating or air conditioning systems. There are a lot of practical DIY projects that homeowners often do to improve their HVAC system, but some projects, when done wrong, can have a negative effect. So, before you start any DIY HVAC maintenance, you should make sure that you are able to handle a job without damaging anything.

17 November 2017

Keeping Central Heater Use Under Control


A central heating system can be used a lot when it is cold, especially in a house that does not have good insulation in the walls. If you know that your walls are insulated, there are other things that can lead to you having to run the heater a lot on cold days. It is in your best interest to make the necessary repairs around your house to keep the heating system efficient, as it can save money and make your house more valuable.

24 February 2017