Maintaining The Furnace That Warms Your Home


The furnace is one of the appliances in your home that will need routine maintenance in order to keep it working correctly. Failing to keep up with these maintenance needs can directly impact the overall functionality of the furnace system.

Cleaning The Burner

Failing to be diligent about cleaning the burner for the furnace is one of the maintenance mistakes that people will be the most prone to making. Without routinely cleaning the burner, there will be a much greater risk of the burner developing performance issues due to residue and other debris obstructing it. Eventually, this is a problem that will be capable of causing a severe decrease in the heating output of the furnace, and it may even cause the unit to suffer a total failure.

Assessing The Furnace's Exterior For Damage

The exterior of the furnace should be inspected at regular intervals to make sure that it is free of some of the more significant types of damage that may occur to it. An example of this could be the exterior of the furnace developing extensive corrosion, dents, or other signs of visible distress. These issues can rapidly progress to the point where they may directly inhibit the performance of the system. Luckily, homeowners can perform this visual assessment on their own, but they should contact a professional if it is determined that repairs will be needed.

Clearing The Flue For The Furnace

For any furnace that relies on burning a fuel source to generate heat, a flue will be a critical component of the system. Without a functioning flue, the fumes that the furnace is producing could prove to be extremely hazardous to any occupants of the building. For this reason, cleaning the flue at the start of each heating season should be one of the steps that you take to ready this appliance. Depending on the length of the flue for your system, specialized tools may be needed to be able to clean the entire length of it.

Servicing The Blower For The Furnace

The blower is one of the most important mechanical components of your furnace system. Not surprisingly, the blower can experience major wear due to the number of hours that it will be in use. Having the blower serviced on a routine basis will be an essential step for keeping it operating at optimal levels. This will include cleaning the blower, lubricating moving parts, and ensuring it is properly aligned.

To learn more about furnace maintenance, contact an HVAC contactor in your area.


17 January 2023

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