3 Things To Look For In Furnace Installation Experts


A new furnace installation is a project you don't want to leave in the wrong hands. Some homeowners know only to hire HVAC contractors who are licensed and insured. But, what else can you do to select a contractor? Here are three things to look for in your professional furnace installers.

1. Custom Furnace Sizing

A furnace that is too large will waste energy, while an undersized furnace will struggle to heat your home. Unfortunately, sizing a furnace properly isn't as simple as plugging your home's square footage into an equation. The number of entryways and windows, insulation quality, and many other factors in your home are important when selecting a furnace of the correct size.

True furnace installation experts will perform a heating load calculation in your home before completing the installation. This involves testing the insulative properties of each room in your home with specialized tools to confirm that the BTU output of your new furnace will meet your needs.

2. An Itemized Estimate

There should be no guesswork when it comes to what you're paying for furnace installation. Experienced HVAC contractors know their clients' expectations and will provide an itemized cost estimate or quote that covers all work to be performed.

Furnace installation estimates should include the price for all parts and materials used during the installation, as well as the cost of labor. You should be able to clearly see the expenses for any extra services that were necessary during the process, such as cutting and installing new ductwork.

3. Work Warranty Coverage

Furnace manufacturer warranties are meant to protect homeowners from component failure when the furnace was properly installed. Rarely, a new furnace or your ductwork may be damaged during installation, or an insufficient connection may hinder its performance. If furnace failure is determined to be the result of a mistake during installation, you will need to take it up with your contractors.

Professional installation service providers who stand by their work provide work warranty coverage to offset these possibilities. Warranties give customers peace of mind that their technicians can complete the job as required.

Finding the right installers can be the difference between a furnace that lasts a decade and a new heating problem next week. Ask for referrals, read customer reviews, and check your contractor's license and insurance to be sure you are hiring an experienced professional.

For more information about new furnace installation services, contact a local company.


4 January 2023

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