What You Should Know About Heating System Maintenance For Your Home


Maintaining the heating system in your home will help ensure that it runs properly throughout the winter and cooler months of the year when needed the most. A heating maintenance service can take care of most of the tasks required, and there are some things you can do to help keep the system running efficiently between service calls.

Fall Maintenance

Having heating services come to your home in the late summer or early fall and service the heating system is an excellent way to ensure that the system is in good shape and ready to go for the season. Checking things like the belts, blowers, and electronic controllers to ensure they are working correctly should be part of the regular service call.

If something is wrong, the technician working on the system can get it repaired before the heating season starts. The earlier you schedule the service, the more time there is to order parts or make repairs before you need to turn on the heat in your home. 

Changing Filters

It is vital to replace all of the air filters in a hot air heating system with new ones at the beginning of the heating season. The heating system needs the airflow to operate correctly, and there are several that the heating repair service can change for you. 

If your home uses a hot water heating system, you will not have the air filters, but there are fuel filters that need to be changed and should be left to the heating repair service. While air and water heating systems operate differently, they both require regular maintenance to ensure they perform at their best and keep your home warm throughout the winter. 

Heating System Replacement

If you have an older system, there may be more challenging issues, but most heating services can still maintain the system as long as the parts are available. Older systems are often not as efficient as new models, so there may come a time when it is better to replace the old heating system than to keep paying for its repairs. 

The heating services contractor you are working with can help you choose a new system for your home that will heat it efficiently and be easy to install as a replacement to the existing system. In most cases, a direct replacement will only take a day or two to install as long as the new heating system uses the same general connections and design. 

If you are considering replacing the heating system in your home before the cold weather sets in, let your heating services company know so they can schedule the time and get the new heating system, any parts required, and install the system for you.

Reach out to your local HVAC contractor for more info.


26 May 2022

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