Top 3 Reasons That May Cause Your Boiler Not To Fire Up


Many homeowners rely on boilers for hot water and the effective heating of their homes. Like all mechanical devices, boilers can develop issues at some point during their operation. One of the common boiler problems you may face is that it may stop firing up for domestic hot water or your central heating. When your boiler fails to work after turning it on, ensure that you seek professional heating services for your repairs. If you're unsure what could be causing this problem, here are a few causes you should know.

There Could Be Interruption On the Gas Supply To Your Home

When there's insufficient or interruption in your gas supply line, your boiler may fail to ignite. Different reasons may cause this to happen. For instance, your gas meter could be frozen, leading to low pressure. If you have a damaged or faulty gas valve, it can also cause gas not to enter the boiler chamber, causing the boiler not to ignite. If you believe that your problem could result from interruption to your gas line, contact a heating repair expert to inspect your gas line, including the gas valve, and make the necessary repairs.

Your Boiler Condensate Line Could Be Frozen

The boiler condensate line helps to lead acidic wastewater from your boiler then drains it outside your property. Given that the condensate pipe is outside your property, it can sometimes freeze during the winter months, creating a blockage that doesn't allow water to leave the boiler. When this happens, your boiler sensor will indicate a stoppage and cause the boiler not to ignite to prevent the system from failing. If you notice that your pipes are frozen, contact a professional boiler repair expert to help you thaw the condensate pipe.

Your Pilot Light Could Have Gone Out 

For your boiler to deliver hot water and heat your home, the pilot light needs to be on so that it can burn the gas. However, there are times when the flame will go out. One of the most common reasons is that there could be debris blocking the jet. In some cases, it could be due to a faulty thermocouple or poorly sealed window. You can check whether the pilot light is on by peeping through the framework if you have an older boiler model. In newer models, the boiler display will indicate an error code. When the flame is out, try to restart your boiler. If this doesn't help, seek the services of a heating repair professional.

If your boiler doesn't fire up, it can mess up your day. Besides the uncomfortable indoor environment, you'll also be without hot water. So, be sure to seek professional heating services when you notice any of the problems mentioned above. 

Contact a heating repair service in your area for more information. 


19 January 2022

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