Can You Tell When Your Heating System Needs Repairs? 4 Telltale Signs


Few things are more frustrating than waking up to a cold house in the middle of the night because your furnace has failed. Finding someone to perform emergency repairs might be inconvenient, and you could get tempted to do it yourself. However, learning about the most common heating issues and signs of their development saves you much trouble. Only then will you be in a position to solve its problems or call a furnace repair professional when you cannot manage the issues.

When the Furnace Doesn't Dissipate Heat

It is a different issue when the furnace is producing a little heat than when it doesn't work at all. If yours is producing a little heat, there is hope that you can restore its function. Often, the problem is something minor like clogged filters. You should replace the filters and observe whether you experience a change in heat production. New furnace models need constant filter changes because they typically shut down when their air supply reduces.

Ignition System Failure

Older gas furnaces need light to aid the ignition process. If the ignition system is faulty, which is common in thermocouple-controlled systems, you will experience many instances of dimming. You can fix the problem by resetting the power to the on setting after switching it off, which restores the system. If that does not work, turn off the fuel supply to the design and check the heater element without touching it. However, if it has cracks, you may need to replace the ignition system.

When the Unit Is Cycling Rapidly

A functional heater should go through regular cycles of hot and cool. The heat cycle should gradually raise the house to the reading set on your thermostat. However, sometimes a dirty filter leads to short bursts of cycling, which you can fix by replacing the filter. You should have a professional check the fan belts or motor for possible issues if replacing the filters does not solve this problem.

When the Blower Keeps Going

Most people set their thermostat to a continuous fan or poorly program the switch for limit control. The part comes between the heater and the return ducts. The cool air from the house gets into the heat exchange system before being dissipated into the house. A professional will fix this issue and stop the continuous running.

Get a repair expert to troubleshoot and fix these furnace issues. With their help, you will soon get your system back in optimum function. 


4 January 2022

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