Four Signs That You Need Air Duct Replacement


An AC's ductwork pulls air from the surroundings for cooling and then distributes the cooled air to various areas of your home. Manufacturers make AC ducts from long-lasting materials such as fiberglass. However, the ducts can get damaged, and sometimes the problem is beyond repair. If that's the case, consider air duct replacement. The replacement restores your ductwork's performance and saves you from unnecessary repair costs. These are the indicators that you need new ductwork.

1. Old Ducts

With proper care, AC ducts can last for years. However, as the ductwork grows old, components such as seals and joints become susceptible to deterioration. As these parts wear out, your AC system's performance declines, and your house may become uncomfortable due to insufficient cooling. Additionally, your AC may consume excess energy leading to increased energy bills and expenses. Therefore, HVAC contractors recommend that you do air duct replacement when your air conditioner's lifespan comes to an end.

2. Weird Noises

Your AC normally produces some low sounds during operation. However, if you notice constant loud and rattling noises, air duct replacement may be necessary. The noises may occur when the ductwork vibrates vigorously as the cooling unit works. The cause of the vibration may be damaged joints that link the ductwork. If the joints have holes, you'll probably hear some rattling sounds as air flows through the ductwork, and replacement may be the best solution.

3. Uneven Cooling

If you notice that some house parts are cooler than others, your ductwork may have issues. That means that there's a disconnect somewhere that prevents sufficient airflow to some areas. With a thermometer, you can verify the indoor temperature variance. The variation usually occurs due to air duct leakage that allows air to escape, preventing sufficient cooling. Air duct replacement can help solve the problem and ensure even cooling in all rooms.

4. Musty Smell

Poorly jointed or insulated ductwork can lead to mold growth on your AC when the temperatures vary. For instance, as warm air flows through cold ductwork, condensation may form. Over time, the dampness can lead to mold growth, and a musty smell may fill your home as air flows from the vents. The fungi can then trigger allergies and also destroy your furniture. Hence, consider air duct replacement to avoid such issues.

Aging, weird sounds, musty smell, and uneven cooling are indicators of air duct replacement. You should consider replacing your air duct when you see these signs. For more information, contact a local company, like Elite Clean & Restoration.


29 June 2021

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