Dealing With Furnace Issues Due To Bad Burners And Pilot Light Systems


When you have a problem with your heating during the winter months, it can be due to various issues. These problems often start with the blower, which can be vulnerable to the pilot light and burner or heating element issues. Therefore, you want to know how to deal with these issues to get your heating back on when you need it. Here are some furnace repair tips to help deal with the pilot light and burner issues when your heating stops:

Pilot Light Going Out After Lighting It

The pilot light is the most important component of a gas furnace. Without it, the burner will not light, and your heating won't come on. Therefore, when the pilot light constantly goes out, you are going to need to look for problems, including:

  • Air drafts blowing it out
  • Low gas due to the valve being partially closed
  • Dirty components causing the pilot light to burn inefficiently

The issues with the pilot light going out can be frustrating, but they can easily be solved. Sometimes, simply servicing and cleaning your system will fix issues with the pilot light.

Electric Ignition System Failing

Modern furnaces have electric ignition systems. This helps eliminate problems with the pilot light going out. These systems can have their own issues and may need repairs if your furnace is not working correctly. These problems may be due to damaged wiring, or it could be due to the ignitor failing. If the problem is wires, repairs are simple. If the problem is with the ignitor, it will need to be replaced.

Problems with Heat Exchanger and Burners

There are also issues with the heat exchange and burners that you may have to deal with when your heating stops working. Sometimes, these issues can be due to a buildup of carbon deposits. Cleaning the buildup will solve the problem with the furnace not providing enough energy to heat your home. If these parts are damaged, replacing them may be the only option to repair your furnace and get your furnace back on.

Issues with Electric Furnace Heating Elements

If your furnace uses an electric system, there are different problems that you may have to deal with. These issues are often due to the thermocouple that can fail. The thermocouple failing can cause the system not to heat your home. Usually, if the thermocouple is failing, you are going to need to have it replaced to solve the problem.

The issues with furnace pilot lights and burners can be frustrating during cold winter weather. Contact a furnace repair service and talk to them about updating your furnace to avoid these problems in the future.


25 January 2021

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