Cooling New Living Spaces? A Budget-Wise Option For Homeowners


As the years pass and families grow, the home that once was perfect can begin to feel uncomfortably small. While relocating to a larger home is one way to gain enough square footage to fulfill the needs of a larger family, the cost of a larger home may not fit well with the family budget. 

Families who find themselves dealing with space issues in a home often solve the problem by finishing spaces they already have, such as an attic, basement, garage, or porch. Once these spaces are finished, however, homeowners will need to find an affordable way to keep them cool during summer weather and this information can help. 

Mini-split basics 

When insulation, lighting, and electrical work have been completed and walls, floors, and ceilings are finished, even the scariest room can become a pleasant space for a bedroom, office, or other living space. 

If the current HVAC system cannot be easily enlarged to service these new spaces, homeowners may struggle to find efficient ways to keep these areas cool and comfortable during hot, humid weather. 

In many cases, a ductless mini-split system can provide a convenient, cost-effective way to cool these newly finished spaces. Mini-split systems use a small, ultra-quiet component called a "head" that houses a powerful fan system capable of moving cooled air throughout the space. Another compact unit is placed outside the home and requires only a small opening for hoses and wiring to connect to the interior head. 

Efficient operation, quick installation

Mini-splits operate much like a small-scale version of a standard HVAC system, without wasting square footage to house large runs of ductwork and vents. In most cases, installation takes only a few hours and requires no major structural changes in the home. 

Another benefit of installing a mini-split is the ability to use the mini-split only when needed, instead of making a more expensive upgrade to the home's main HVAC system is. In addition, a mini-split allows occupants to select a temperature warmer or cooler than the rest of the home if desired. Mini-split systems are adaptable for most spaces by adding additional heads to a single unit or by installing more than one mini-split system to cool larger spaces or multiple areas.

To learn more about using a mini-split system to cool newly finished spaces in your home, take time to discuss your cooling needs with a reputable air conditioning installation contractor in your area. An air conditioning installation service can provide more information. 


25 November 2020

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