3 Possible Reasons Besides Low Refrigerant Your AC Can't Cool Down Your Home


If it feels warm and stuffy in your house even though your air conditioner is running, you might fear the worst and think your system has a refrigerant leak. However, there are other reasons why an AC can stop cooling as well as it should. Here are three reasons your AC can't keep you cool.

1. The Thermostat Is Bad

First, make sure your thermostat is set correctly and that it has fresh batteries. If the settings are correct, you might want to lift the cover to see if the insides are coated with dust or if you can see loose wiring.

When you call an AC repair service to get your air conditioner cooling your house again, they'll probably check the thermostat to make sure it's sensing temperature properly. Thermostats can sometimes be repaired, but you might need to have a new thermostat put in if yours is bad.

2. The Refrigerant Coils Are Dirty

A central air conditioner has two sets of copper coils that carry refrigerant. If these coils get coated with dust and dirt, the refrigerant can't cool your house very well. One set of coils is outside in the condenser and the other set is in the air handler inside.

If the coils are dirty and making your AC perform poorly, you'll probably need to call an AC repair service to clean the coils. This might be done using foaming cleaners or a brush. Once the coils are clean, you should notice a difference in how well your house cools down.

3. The Condenser Fan Motor Is Malfunctioning

The condenser is where hot air pulled from your home escapes. A fan blows over the refrigerant coil to cool it off. If the fan doesn't blow as strong as it should or if it doesn't blow at all, your refrigerant won't be able to cool down your house as well.

When you're indoors, you can generally hear the air handler kick on and off, but you might not notice if the fan isn't running outside. If you check the condenser and find the fan isn't running or if you hear squeaking or other odd noises, call an AC repair professional to check the fan and motor. Making repairs to the fan or replacing the motor might be the repairs you need to get your AC back in shape.

When your AC can't keep you cool, that's an indication something is wrong with your system. Continuing to run your AC when something is wrong could cause even more damage to occur. It's better to call an AC repair service to find out what's wrong so repairs can be done promptly. Contact an AC repair service for more information. 


16 November 2020

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