Central Air Conditioning May Be Better For Your Home


If you are currently using something like a window air conditioner or a stand-alone air conditioner, then you may be getting by, but unless you have had central air conditioning in your home before, then you may not even realize what you are missing. By reading more, you will learn just how different your home life can be if you decide to have a central HVAC system installed instead of continuing to use the portable or window units you have been. 

Cool all the rooms with one system

You may have everyone congregating in the room of the house that has a window air conditioning unit, or you might have several rooms with these units. Or you may even be using a stand-alone unit you carry with you to another room when you plan on spending a good amount of time in it. While you may be able to get the rooms cool enough this way, it is very inconvenient and not efficient. 

Should you decide to go with central air conditioning over your current units, you will immediately notice how much different your home life is going to be. You will have one centrally located thermostat you turn on to either heating or air conditioning, and you can set the desired temperature. 

Cool your home for less

Another thing about using window air conditioners and stand-alone units is that they can use a lot of electricity. With central air conditioning, you get a system that cools the entire house as well as cheaper utility expenses. 

Deal with less maintenance

When you are using a stand-alone system, you likely have to clean the filter often. Plus, you may need to worry about putting more water or even ice cubes in it every time the levels get low if that's what the system runs on. Depending on the temperature the unit is trying to cool the area down from, you may be adding water daily. With window air conditioners, you need to make sure that you don't use them in the rain and that no gaps or spaces allow pests in. With a central system, all you have to do is to make sure that you clean or replace the air filter every couple of months or so and that you have it serviced once a year before you start to use it for the season.

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6 August 2020

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