The Small Business Owner's Guide To Energy-Efficient Commercial Refrigeration Design


If you are a small business owner, you want to make sure that the installations in your business as efficient as possible. Mechanical systems like commercial refrigeration can be costly to your business if they do not have a modern and efficient design. The following energy-efficient commercial refrigeration guide for small businesses will help your business save money with more efficient mechanical systems:

1. Choose Commercial Refrigeration That Is Not Oversized Or Undersized For Your Needs

The size of your commercial refrigeration systems is important. If you choose a solution that is too small, you will need to invest in more refrigeration that can use more energy. If you choose a system that is oversized, you will be refrigerating and freezing space you do not need and wasting energy. Therefore, it is important to work with a commercial refrigeration contractor to evaluate the needs of your business and design a system that is right for your needs.

2. Work With The Contractor To Design Refrigerated Spaces To Minimize Energy Loss

A lot of commercial refrigeration systems are spaces that are integrated into building spaces or units that are installed and connected together. It is important that you work with the refrigeration contractor to design these spaces to minimize energy loss and ensure you have the most efficient system for the refrigeration needs of your business.

3. Make Sure Commercial Refrigeration Units and Spaces Are Easy To Clean And Maintain

The refrigeration systems that are installed in your business will need to be cleaned regularly for hygiene and health inspections. Therefore, you want to have solutions for your refrigeration that make this cleaning maintenance easier. The designs should include racks that can be removed, and parts that need to be cleaned should be easily accessible. With a better design to clean the refrigeration, your business will be cleaner, and the commercial refrigeration system will be more efficient.

4. Improve The Refrigerated Spaces With Better Building Designs And Energy-Saving Automation Solutions

The design of your business building can also affect the energy efficiency of your commercial refrigeration systems. The building designs should include features like thermal barriers with foam insulation in the refrigerated spaces. You can also add simple automation solutions to the refrigeration units, such as automatic doors and lights, as well as cleaning systems that help reduce maintenance costs and make your business more efficient.

These are some of the commercial refrigeration design improvements to help make your business more efficient. If you are ready to install refrigerated space for your business, contact a commercial refrigeration installation service and talk to them about some of these solutions.


28 April 2020

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