3 Heating Problems That Can Plague Your Commercial Space


Things should be relatively straight forward when it comes to supplying forced air heat to a home. The furnace generates hot air that gets pushed through the vents, and it reaches each room of your home as intended. However, commercial spaces can be harder to heat. The layouts of the space do not always make the most sense, and you can run into unique problems you won't have at your home. Here are some of those problems you may experience in a commercial space with your HVAC system.

Sound Issues

Your home likely has your furnace in the basement, where it is located in a utility room where nobody can hear it when it is running. A commercial space may have the HVAC equipment located close to offices and other areas where people need to work. This can cause the equipment to be a bit of a disruption and cause serious problems.

Imagine having the heat kick on in the winter, but the sound of the air coming through the exposed ductwork is so loud that you can't have a conference call where the other person can clearly hear you. This can lead you to actually turn off the HVAC system at times where it needs to be quiet. 

You may want to bring in a commercial heating contractor to work on the sound issues by insulating ductwork or rearranging where primary runs of ductwork go to create the least amount of noise in offices.

Heating Zone Issues

A very large commercial space is going to require multiple furnaces to cover the entire square footage. However, this can also create a problem where you have multiple heating zones that need to be accounted for. Are these zones made in a practical manner, or are they more haphazard in how they are laid out? It's time to bring in an HVAC contractor when those zones are not working out for you. This means altering where the ductwork goes so that certain rooms are linked to the same zone for heating purposes.

Cold Spot Issues 

Older buildings with brick exterior walls lack the insulation of a home. This can create cold spots where the cold temperatures from outside seep into the space, making employees by the windows feel colder when compared to the rest of the office. The solution will be to extend ductwork so that the hot air comes down and flows over the windows. This will force the cold air down and so it enters the rest of the space from the coldest areas, rather than come into the middle of the space where temperatures are the warmest. 


18 February 2020

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