Installing A New Furnace In A Basement After A Blizzard: How To Prepare For This Project


In the very frozen north at this time of the year, the last thing you want is to be without heat. Yet, it is almost a given that most people will have to replace their furnaces in the middle of winter, and often right after a major blizzard or snowstorm. If you are faced with having to replace a furnace entirely, and right after a blizzard, that is going to complicate things in a lot of ways. If your furnace is also in your basement instead of in a utility closet, there are even more issues to consider. Here is how to prepare the way to make this heating installation project easier on your HVAC technician. 

Clear the Driveway and Make as Much Room to Maneuver as Possible

Undoubtedly, your HVAC technician will show up with a large cargo van or truck and your new furnace strapped into the back. In order to maneuver properly, the van will have to get into the driveway, and your driveway needs to be clear of all of the snow from the previous day's blizzard. If you can, keep your own vehicles in the garage and out of the way. Make the snow clearance in the driveway as wide as you can make it because most furnaces are not small boxed items; they are rather large. The technician is going to have to put the furnace boxes on a dolly and move them over any snow you have left on the driveway. 

Create a Wide Berth to the Door Nearest the Basement

If it is easier to go through the back door to get into the basement, clear away all of the snow and create a very wide path for the technician. This allows him/her enough room to move the new furnace around and through the back door into the basement, and then remove and haul up the old furnace to put it on the truck. If your basement access door is in the middle of the house, choose the door that will make it the easiest to get to the basement with the least twists and turns through rooms and hallways. While you are at it, make the hallways very clear, as though you are about to move a very large futon through the house. Give the technician as much room to work as you can spare, and keep animals and children out of the way. 

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19 January 2020

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