Three Reasons Why Your Gas Furnace Warranty May Become Void


When you purchase a new gas furnace, the new unit typically comes with a warranty. This warranty often lasts for at least one year, and can last up to several years. Unfortunately, people make mistakes that can cause their warranty to become void. Learning the reasons why your furnace may become void can help you avoid these issues when you get a new unit. Here are three common reasons why your gas furnace may become void. 

You Fail to Properly Register Your New Gas Furnace

When you purchase a new gas furnace, you typically have to register your unit in order for the warranty to be valid. The manufacturer needs to know where you purchased the furnace and when it was installed. You may be asked to submit a proof of purchase and/or the receipt. Most companies allow you to register your gas furnace either online or via regular mail, allowing you to select the option that is most convenient. Always make sure you register your new gas furnace within 30 days of purchasing it. 

You Do Not Maintain Your Gas Furnace

Another reason why your gas furnace warranty may become void is because you have not properly maintained the furnace. It is recommended that you have your unit inspected and maintained on an annual basis. During an inspection and maintenance appointment, a heating and cooling professional will clean and oil your unit, replace the filters and ensure all of the hoses, belts and other parts are properly working. If you fail to maintain your unit, you can void your warranty. 

Aftermarket Parts Were Used in Your Gas Furnace

The final way that you can unknowingly void your gas furnace warranty is by allowing aftermarket parts to be installed in your unit. Most warranties are only good if manufactured approved parts are used when repairs are needed. Always ask a heating and cooling professional if they use manufacturer-approved parts, or whether they use aftermarket parts in your gas furnace.

If you have purchased and had a new gas furnace installed, it is important to register your new heating unit, to properly maintain it and to ensure the heating and cooling professional you hire to maintain and repair your gas furnace uses only factory authorized repair parts instead of aftermarket parts in your unit. All of this will help to ensure your furnace warranty does not become null and void. For more gas furnace repair services information, contact a company near you today.


30 June 2019

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