Avoiding The Need For Major Plumbing Repairs


Homeowners that fail to effectively care for their plumbing system can find themselves more likely to experience disruptions due to avoidable problems and issues. If you are one of the homeowners that may not give your plumbing needs much consideration, there are some important steps for avoiding plumbing repairs that you should start taking.

Appreciate The Maintenance Your Sinks Require

Your sink faucets and drains will both require some maintenance to keep them in working condition. Unfortunately, homeowners may rarely go through the effort of cleaning their faucet's aerator or the sink's drain. Both of these oversights can lead to some issues for the sink. For example, a dirty aerator will impede the flow of water through the faucet, and this can lead to serious water pressure problems. Failing to clean the drain can lead to foul smells developing and clogs forming. Making it a point to regularly clean these components of the sink will help to keep it working efficiently and reliably.

Prevent The Pipes From Freezing

Frozen pipes can be another cause of major and expensive plumbing damage. Unfortunately, homeowners will often overlook the steps they can take to prevent this problem. For example, they may assume that simply letting a faucet drip will always be sufficient to prevent their home from suffering this damage. However, the effectiveness of this will depend on the design of the plumbing as well as the actual temperature. It can be cold enough to allow the water to freeze while it is still going through the pipes. Another step for reducing the risk of the pipes freezing is to wrap them in thick insulation as this will help to keep the water from getting cold enough to freeze or you can install electric pipe warmers that will be able to generate enough heat to warm the pipes when the temperature is cold enough to freeze them.

Avoid Overwhelming The Septic System

If your home uses a septic tank to process its wastewater, it is important to be mindful of the water usage limits of this system. Otherwise, you could overwhelm the septic tank, which could lead to it becoming full before it is able to fully process and breakdown the matter in it. This could result in the system developing major clogs in both the septic tank and the drain field. Removing these clogs can be very expensive, but you may be able to avoid encountering these issues by limiting your water use to stay within your system's capacity. If this does not seem like an appealing option, you can also upgrade the septic tank to a larger model.


22 May 2019

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