3 Instrumental Steps That Can Keep Your Furnace Working Great During The Cold Season


When it comes to the colder months of the year, you need a furnace working at its full capacity. This will require you to keep this special appliance maintained year-round, which isn't hard if you take these helpful steps. 

1. Keep Vents and Ductwork Clean

One of the more common problems homeowners experience with their furnace is when the vents and ductwork get too dirty. When this happens, your furnace has to work a lot harder when bringing in warm air. Cleaning the vents is relatively simple. You can either use a portable vacuum or scrub the vents with a brush. For ductwork, it's recommended to hire a professional company. They'll be able to easily reach the inner workings of your ducts and clean them with high-powered equipment. They'll make sure these ducts are spotless and clean relatively quickly, so your day isn't interrupted that much.

2. Install a HEPA Filter 

There are plenty of air filters you can install to keep debris and dirt out of your heating system. However, all filters aren't created equal. Out of all of the options, you should consider setting up a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter. 

These filters are unique in that they are comprised of a mesh-like screen that can filter extremely tiny particles. What this means for heating is a cleaner furnace, which essentially enables it to last much longer and not overheat on a consistent basis. HEPA filters may cost more, but they're worth having a furnace running at an optimal rate. 

3. Inspect Important Parts 

Even if you don't know much about residential heating, you can still inspect major parts of your furnace system to make sure they're in good condition. Start with the air filter. This component shouldn't be bent or torn in any way. It also needs to be clean, because if it isn't, your furnace won't last as long.

The blower is another important part to inspect every couple of months or so. It's responsible for drawing heat from the furnace and administering it to the rest of your home. If it looks to be in poor condition, you'll need to contact a professional to repair and possibly replace it. The furnace is a critical appliance to keep an eye on, especially when it starts getting cold. With the right care steps and some proactivity on your part, you can keep your furnace working great for years and years. 


10 December 2018

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