Whistling Furnace? This Simple Solution May Be Just What You Need


If your furnace whistles every time you turn it on, it can make life unbearable for your family, especially at night. If you can't find the reason for the whistling sounds you hear, the situation can frustrate you even more. Your furnace might not be the source of the whistling. You may actually have something wrong with your air ducts. Learn why air ducts whistle and how you can make them less noisy below.

Why Are Your Air Ducts Whistling?

Although furnaces can make all sorts of sounds over time, whistling may not be one of them. When furnaces have something wrong with them, they typically bang, grind, or make some other loud, scary noise. The loud noises can occur if the furnace's blower motor bearings loosen up or if one of the fan blades break or crack. A cracked heat exchanger and air filter can also make loud sounds. Whistling generally occurs when something goes wrong with your air ducts.

Air ducts transport air through the home. But over time, air ducts can tear, rip, loosen up, or even rust. All of these issues can allow air to escape or leak into the wall cavities of your home. The escaping air hiss, whistle, or another soft, but irritating sound. 

You can try to quiet down your whistling air ducts with the right steps. 

What Other Steps Can You Take?

Most of your air duct system travels through your attic and basement. If you look in these places first, you may be able to locate the source or sources of the whistling. Carefully, examine the condition of your air ducts. If the ducts appear ripped or torn, repair them with tape. If the ducts popped loose from their connection points, carefully push them back into place. 

If your air ducts have serious issues, such as large, extensive tears or rusted seams, contact a residential heating repair contractor for assistance. These types of damages can be difficult to fix on your own. In addition, an HVAC contractor can inspect your entire air duct system to see if it requires a replacement. An older air duct system may not be stable enough to hold and transport air throughout your house. If you don't replace the system, it can eventually damage your furnace and increase your utility expenses.

For more information about your whistling air ducts and how to repair them, contact a heating contractor near your home today.


8 November 2018

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