The 5 Warning Signs Your Electric HVAC System Needs Replacement


If your home's HVAC system is getting older and you aren't sure when it will require replacement, these five warning signs will help you.

Sign #1: Your Electric Bill Keeps Increasing Every Season

Each year as your HVAC system gets older, it will lose a bit of its running efficiency. Since you can't tell how well it is working from simply feeling the hot or cold air it is emitting, you should use your power bills to determine if the system is losing efficiency. You can do this by comparing last year's bills to see if you notice that each year you are using more and more power to achieve the same temperatures in your house.

Sign #2: Your HVAC System Lags Before Starting

When you turn the thermostat up or down, your HVAC system should kick on fairly quickly. As your system ages, this start time may become longer and longer. If your system lags before starting, this can be a sign that its run capacitors are failing and in need of replacement.

Sign #3: The HVAC System Seems to Run All of the Time

While it is normal for your HVAC system to run a lot when it is excessively cold or hot outside, it is not normal on days with milder temperatures. If your system seems like it is running longer and longer each season, then this is a sign that it is not working as efficiently as it should be.

Sign #4: The HVAC System is Noisy or Stinky

Your home's HVAC system should run quietly and should produce air that doesn't smell musty or burned. As the system ages, it is common to start smelling musty odors from dirty filters and unclean ductwork. Additionally, dust around the furnace will sometimes burn and make your heater's air have a burned odor. If your heater or air conditioner are producing smells or are making noises as they run, then these are signs there is a problem.

Sign #5: You Keep Making Minor Repairs

The last common sign your home's HVAC system needs replacement sooner rather than later is that you keep having to call out a technician to replace minor parts. Just as all the smaller parts like fuses and coils fail over time, so too will the larger parts. If you are making a lot of smaller repairs each year, then you can bank on a major failure in the near future.

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20 May 2018

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