Keeping Central Heater Use Under Control


A central heating system can be used a lot when it is cold, especially in a house that does not have good insulation in the walls. If you know that your walls are insulated, there are other things that can lead to you having to run the heater a lot on cold days. It is in your best interest to make the necessary repairs around your house to keep the heating system efficient, as it can save money and make your house more valuable. This article has a few suggestions that you should consider to get more efficient use out of your central heater.

Don't Cover Up Heat Registers

If there are heat registers located in the floors of rooms that you have furniture, you must make sure they are not covered up. It is ideal for air to come out of the registers in a free manner, such as not get blocked by an object. Although the warm air that comes out of the registers can still serve its purpose, you will have to run the heater for a longer amount of time. Move your furniture to the side of the registers if you need to. Keep in mind that dirt is another thing that can interfere with warm air coming out of registers, so get them cleaned every now and then.

Try to Get Glazed Windows Installed

Each time that air seeps out of your house when the heater is on, it leads to you having to run it longer. Windows are a major problem when it comes to energy efficiency, such as if they are of a low quality. The problem is even worse if you live in a house that has a large amount of windows. If warm air flows right through your windows, try to replace them with double-glazed ones. Basically, with double-glazed windows, there will be multiple panes and pockets of air that can keep warm air from going out of the house.

Get the Furnace Tuned Up

The best thing that you can do for your central heater is get the furnace tuned up by a professional every now and then. The furnace is the root of heating system, so it must be in good shape in order for your house to warm up. A contractor can make repairs to the gas valve, burner, pilot, and other parts of the furnace if it is necessary. He or she can also replace the furnace if it is worn out. 

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24 February 2017

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