How To Extend The Life Of Your Central Air System


As with all things, your central air system has a life expectancy. You may hear it's ten years or twenty. The truth is, no matter what number the manufacturer gives, you can increase the rated lifespan by taking advantage of a few of these easy tips.

Your Initial Install Can Make a Huge Difference

Extending the life of your central air system starts with a professional installation. A faulty install can cause extra wear and tear on the components of your system. It can also cause premature failure. In addition, if the central air and the furnace aren't tuned and tested, then there's the possibility of premature failure of your heating system as well.

Do Your Part to Keep Your System in Good Condition

Increasing the life expectancy of your central air unit involves keeping it clean and maintained. Even if you know nothing about how your central air works, there's a lot of things you can do or learn to do.

Replace filters in a timely fashion

Dirty or clogged filters can lower the amount of airflow and cause your AC to work harder to compensate. This leads to premature wear and tear.

Usually, it's one of the easiest things you can do. It usually involves nothing more than pulling out the dirty filter and putting in a fresh one.

Keep your registers free of obstructions

A blocked register can lead to inadequate and uneven cooling. You may spend a lot of time messing with your thermostat to try to even out your indoor temperatures. This is another thing that will cause premature wear and tear on your AC components.

Make sure there's nothing blocking the registers. Keep furniture away from them, and routinely clean them. If you notice any debris in them, don't let it sit there.

Keep the outside condenser clean and free of debris

Keep the condenser clean by wiping down the outside from time to time. Do not let leaves build up on or around it. Make sure you keep any insects, birds, or rodents from making your outside unit a home.

These are all small things that won't take too much time or even effort. By doing them, you do your part to make sure your central air unit meets or exceeds its rated life expectancy.

Annual Servicing from a Professional

For the more intensive maintenance, you should call a professional air conditioner repair and maintenance contractor. At least once a year a professional should inspect and service your system. This will ensure your AC remains in good shape and is operating at peak performance.

You can also use the visit as a means to learn more about what you can do to keep your unit in good shape between service visits. If you stick to the routine, you can meet or exceed the rated life expectancy of your central air system. Contact a business that handles air conditioner repair for more information.   


30 December 2016

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