3 Maintenance Tasks You May Need To Do When Your AC Only Blows Hot Air


During the heat of the summer months, there are many problems that you may have with your air conditioning. One of these problems can be the system not blowing cold air in your home, or the air only being slightly cool. This can cause the system to constantly run, as well as small problems to cause costly damage. When your system is only blowing hot air, there are some things you will want to check. Here are some of the things that you will want to check when your system is not cooling like it should:

1. Check For Dirty Filters That May Be Restricting Air Flow

Filters in air conditioners need to be changed regularly to prevent problems with your cooling. They have several purposes, which are to keep debris off sensitive components like the coil, where dust can cause freezing or condensation. When they become dirty, they can cause dust to get into the system, as well as restrict airflow of your system. The first thing on your checklist when your AC is not cooling should be changing the filter.

2. Clean The Outdoor Condensing Coil Unit That May Be Full Of Debris

Over the months that your unit is sitting idle, the condensing coil unit outside of your home can collect dirt and debris. This can lead to many different problems and the AC to not cool your home as it should. You should clean the unit and make sure that there is no debris from things like trees near your home. Having a dirty outside unit can contribute to your AC not working efficiently and lead to freezing problems.

3. Check To Make Sure That Dust And Dirt Is Not Causing The Coil To Freeze

The coil of your system is what the AC uses to provide cooling. When different components of the system get dirty, the particles and cause the coil to freeze. This can eventually lead to the system not cooling. To solve this problem, turn the system off and let the ice thaw. Check and clean any dirty components before you turn the AC on. You may also want to contact an HVAC technician and have them clean the coil and check the compressor for any signs of damage.

These are some of the things that you will want to check when your system is not cooling your home as it should. If you need help with maintenance and repairs due to these problems, contact a duct cleaning contractor to get your AC cooling again.



25 February 2016

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