Improving Your AC Efficacy


The real efficacy of your AC isn't limited to how much air volume comes out of your vents, though this is a primary factor. Addressing all the other influencing factors can further improve how well your air conditioning system actually cools your home on a hot day. Looking at everything that contributes to the effectiveness of your AC will not only keep you cooler but it will also keep more money in your pocket when the electric bill arrives.

Clearing the Air

One of the most effective ways to improve the function of your AC is to make sure that it's capable of operating at its full capacity. Things like air filters and air ducts can both become inundated with dust, debris and airborne particulate of all sorts over time. Cleaning these components will ensure that the full airflow can cycle through the system unimpeded.

Most of us know that air filters need to be changed every 30 days, but often it's the air ducts that get overlooked during service calls. Make sure that any time you have maintenance performed on your HVAC system or AC unit that you also include inspection and/or cleaning of your ventilation system. Not only will your AC operate more efficiently, but the air you breathe will be cleaner too.

Move More Air

It's not just the air passing through your duct work that needs to move around in order to cool your home. Circulating air throughout your home's interior is also an important part of efficient cooling. Hot air tends to rise, which often means it is out of the reach of floor vents, and ceiling vents generally push cool air down to the floor anyway.

Using oscillating floor fans oriented in an upward angle will help circulate air from your ceiling and cool it down more efficiently. As a result, that warmer air won't raise the temperature of the room as much, making less work for your AC and triggering your thermostat less often. You can also install or utilize ceiling fans to the same effect, using lower settings to mingle the air from hot and cold parts of your home without creating a jet-wash in your living room.

Whether you're using a window-mounted AC or a central HVAC system, the more efficient the system is at moving air through your home the less you'll spend on operating it. Proper maintenance and the use of peripheral devices will help keep you comfortable and cut your cooling costs during the summer.

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4 February 2016

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