What To Do When Your AC Unit Blows Hot Air


You can hear your AC unit humming along, but the temperature inside your home is soaring. You check the vents, and your unit seems to be pushing warm air into your home; what is going on? There are two main culprits that cause an AC unit to act like a furnace. One of those problems you should be able to take care of on your own, and the other will require the help of an HVAC professional, like John Legg's Heating & Air Conditioning

Fire from Ice: Frozen Evaporator Coils

The first place you should check is your mechanical room. Turn off your thermostat and then open up the cover to your evaporator coils. If you see ice on your evaporator coils, you have found your problem. As ice forms on your coils, it cuts off the flow of air, and your AC unit can no longer cool the air in your home. What causes the ice to form? First, you will want to remove the ice, and then you can worry about how to prevent it from reforming.

Do not try to chip the ice away from your coils. You could bend or break the delicate metal fins that make up the evaporator coils, and then you have a problem that only an HVAC professional can fix. Instead, put down buckets and towels to catch the water from your melting coils, then use a hair dryer to speed up the process. 

Once your coils are free of ice, you should begin to assess the situation to find the culprit behind the icing. Take these steps to identify your problem:

1. Check your filter: A dirty filter will restrict air flow, and if there is not enough air flowing over the coils, they can get so cold that they freeze the moisture in the air in your home. Replace the dirty filter. 

2. Clean the coils: A thick layer of grime on your coils can restrict airflow and insulate the coils themselves. Spray on a coil cleaner, wait at least five minutes to allow the solvents in the cleaner to break down the grime, then scrub your coils with a stiff-bristle brush. 

3. Check the evaporator fan: Turn your thermostat to fan, then check to see if the fan in your evaporator unit is running. If it is not, you will have to call an HVAC professional to repair the fan. 

The Blown Capacitor

If you inspect your evaporator unit and everything seems to be working just fine, go outside and check the condenser unit. If the fan in the condenser unit is not running, then use a long screwdriver to push start the fan. If the fan starts running once you give it a good push, you have a blown capacitor. Pass this information on the the HVAC repair company so that they can bring the right part to make a quick repair. 

You don't have to have training to make all repairs to an AC unit, but it is good to know your limits. When it comes to changing filters and cleaning coils, you should undertake your own repairs, but if you have a problem with the electrical components of your system, you should leave the repair to the professionals. 


9 July 2015

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