A Few Things To Do Before Calling The Air Conditioning Contractors


If you notice your cooling bill is getting higher even though the temperature is not, or if the system is not running at all, it is probably time to call in the air conditioning contractors. However, before placing the call, here are a few things to do that will save you time and money. If these tips do not resolve the problem, you will have a bit of information to give the technician so he or she has a better idea of what is going on.

Check that the Unit has Power

If the system is off completely, make sure that it is turned on. Then go and check the circuit breaker. Some systems will have two breakers, one for the cooling part of the unit and another for the blower. Try flipping the breakers off and then back on. Sometimes it can be hard to know if the breaker has switched off. Make a note of the number of breakers and what voltage they are to tell the technician.

It is also important to check that the thermostat has power; usually it is run by a battery. Change the battery and then set it for a lower temperature. Write down the name and model number of the thermostat to tell the technician too.

Check the System for Dust and Debris

Take out all the different filters and clean or replace them. Look into the ductwork to see how dirty it is. If you can, clean out the ducts yourself. If not, mention how dirty they are to the technician when you call. Look for any pieces that appear to be damaged. Even if you do not know what the piece is called, you can describe it to the contractor. Another area to check is the condenser coils. Brush them down to remove any dirt that has accumulated. If you notice that the coils are covered in ice, turn the unit off until it melts. You should also mention this when calling to set up a service appointment.

Sometimes, a simple thing like clogged filters will cause your system to work harder and eventually shut it down. Any time you have an issue, it is a good idea to have a contractor look things over. Providing the technician with information about the system itself, what you have tried, and anything you noticed that is wrong allows him or her to show up at your house with the tools and parts necessary to fix things. This saves time, so the service call will be less expensive. The biggest benefit though is that a well-maintained unit save you money on your cooling bill. 

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25 June 2015

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