3 Signs That Your AC Unit Needs Repairing


Having a good working air conditioner is vital in the summer. Many homeowners rely solely on their AC unit to keep the house cool. Which is why it is important that you have a good company that can get to you whenever you need them to repair your unit if necessary. Here are a couple signs that your AC unit needs repair.

1. The House Is Cooling Unevenly

As a general rule, the air conditioning system should be able to cool the entire house pretty evenly. This means that if it is 72 degrees in the kitchen, it should be 72 degrees in the family room, bathroom and bedrooms. Naturally the upstairs would be a little more warmer, and the basement cooler, but it shouldn't be significantly different if your AC unit is on and working right.

If you find that some of the rooms are much cooler or warmer than the rest of the house, this may indicate that the AC unit is not working right. However, you must insure that all of the vents are open in order to cool the house evenly.

2. There Is A Puddle Of Water By The Unit

Another way that you know that you have a problem is if there is a puddle of water by the AC unit. When the AC unit is working a lot, it should have a little condensation, so it is normal to have moisture around the unit, but not actually pooling on the ground. If you get a puddle, there is likely some sort of leak, or there may be not enough chemicals in the unit. Thus, check around your unit often and make sure that it is dry. If you notice any water, call the repairman right away.  

3. Odor Coming From The Unit

Your AC unit shouldn't have any kind of smell coming from it. So if you notice that there is some sort of smell when you walk by it, you could have a problem. Try to determine what the smell is. If it is musty or moldy, it means that there could be something growing inside the unit. If the odor is like overheating, it means there could be a wire that is shorting out. Either of these things can be dangerous to the unit and to everyone in the house. So they need to be attended to right away.

If you notice any of these things, you should call a repairman at Elite Heating, Cooling and Plumbing right away. 


22 June 2015

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