Battling Asthma And Allergies? Clean Your Ducts


Itchy, puffy eyes. Continuous runny nose. Constricted breathing. If you have asthma and/or allergies, then trying to find refuge from the misery of your symptoms can be a real challenge. You should be able to just duck inside away from possible irritants and find easier breathing, but you might have an unseen source of contaminants lurking right inside your own home. In order to make your home the refuge it should be, you need to to make sure that you properly clean your ducts.

The Problem with Dirty Ducts

You might think that because your HVAC system has an air filter that you are safe in your home. While the average air filter will help, it will not solve the whole problem. The filter will help to clean the air in your home, but the average filter won't do enough. Some pollen, dust, mildew, and other contaminants can leak through your air filter and taint the air in your home. To have truly clean air, you need to do more than just change out your filter on schedule. 

How to Solve the Problem

To boost your system's ability to clean the air in your home, you should upgrade the filter that you use. An average filter will only extract around half of the particulates from the air. A highly efficient filter will trap many more of the particulates present in the air in your home, and while this is impressive, there are still better filters on the market. If you want to extract even more contaminants, you can install a secondary air scrubber system that uses a HEPA filter, which will allow your system to to extract nearly all of the particles present in your air. This will dramatically improve the air quality in your home. On the other hand, if your ducts have been exposed to water, you should have your ducts cleaned by a professional duct-cleaning company. 

Living with allergies and/or asthma can be a daily battle. While medications can help you to find some relief, you should also be able to find a space that is free from irritants that could cause an asthma attack or an allergy flare up. If you want your home to be a refuge, you have to take matters into your own hands. The right air filter and proper attention to duct maintenance will help you maintain clean air so that you can breathe freely in your own home.

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17 June 2015

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